Adjustable Male Handle

Product Code: AJHM8



M8 16-60mm Clamping Lever Machinery Adjustable Handle Locking External Male Thread Knob


An adjustable lever is clamping components that offer a ratcheting feature that is especially useful in tight spaces. The design also allows for easier visual adjustment to specific positions, and the ergonomic shape makes it user-friendly. They are ideal for situations where more torque is required than can be achieved with a simple knob.


  • Clamping lever is made from high quality alloy and surface is finished by power coating or blackening for durability and rust protection.
  • There are six different thread length for these M8 clamping levers from which you can choose the proper one to meet your need.
  • By pressing down on the handle button the serrations are disengaged and the handle can then be turned to the desired position.
  • The inside return spring automatically engages the teeth, the handle can then be fixed in original position.
  • The classic element find use in machine construction, tool making and plant construction, heavy-duty applications.


Material: Alloy

Surface Finishing: Powder coating, blackening

Type: M8*16, M8*20, M8*25, M8*30, M8*40, M8*60(Optional)

Quantity: 1



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