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Replacement conveyor dryer belts made of durable Teflon coated fiberglass ¼ inch open mesh which has sealed edges, and alligator splicing. These belts can withstand high temperatures of up to 500 degrees; available in black or tan for textile conveyor dryers and UV resistant black for ultraviolet curing systems. Sizes up to 80” wide can be used with electric or gas infrared curing. Used in screen printing, pad printing, industrial manufacturing, process heating & drying applications.

Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer Replacement belts

Available for the following models:
Workhorse Products, power house, mercury silk screening dryers.
Hix Corp., EA/E, NPII, electric and gas textile conveyor dryers.
Vastex Big red V, Econored , Dribox series screen printing dryers.
Blackbody or BBC, little buddy, econocure t-shirt printing conveyor dryers
M&R, Economax, Fusion, Radicure D, Heatwave, Sprint Series conveyor drying ovens
Brown Mfg., Pony, Airblazer, Sierra, Ultrasierra conveyor ovens
Lawson, Omega, Frontier Gas, Econocure conveyor drying tunnels.

*When ordering replacement belts, please have belt width and total length. Orders must be confirmed before processing.

Silicone Conveyor Belts
Solid silicone belts for pad printing and industrial applications available in orange and white.
Available in 30 mil. – 60 mil thickness.

Medical and Food Grade Conveyer Belts
When pad printing medical devices a Solid Teflon or Teflon coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belts are medical and food grade compliant.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belts
If you’re looking for conveyor dryer belt to stand up to harsh environments, and high temperatures direct drive stainless steel wire conveyor belts are what you need. Many mesh openings, and wire sizes are available. True tracking plastic direct drive sprocket helps to move heavy products through the drying tunnel easily.


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