MHM Frequency Inverter-WJ200-004sf

Product Code: mhm-90-0-0-0133-6



The WJ200-004SF is a single-phase inverter manufactured by Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. It has a rated voltage of 200-240V, a rated output capacity of 0.4 kW, and a rated output current of 2.5 A. The enclosure is IP20 (NEMA 1) rated. It features scalar control (V/f), adjustable carrier frequency (2 to 16 kHz), and V/f control and open loop vector control modes. The inverter also has electronic overcurrent protection, DC bus overvoltage protection, input overvoltage protection, and input undervoltage protection. The speed control range is 1:40 (V/f control) and 1:100 (open loop vector control), and the overload capacity is 150% for 60 seconds and 200% for 3 seconds.



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